The first third-party Dapp ‘AWA’ is coming!

When the first block of bitcoin is dug out, it marks the birth of blockchain technology. From not to be understood by the public, to the current rush, it shows that "once I was ignored by you, but now I am not up to you". But the blockchain technology is updating and iterating, the society is developing and improving, and the cryptocurrency still has opportunities for us. The only constant possibility is whether you can capture this opportunity.

More surprises await you! ‘AWA’ is based on ETX public chain development, and it is about to start a new round airdrop. Don't miss it!

Taking the recent cryptocurrency market as an example, ETX(EthereumX.NET) public chain has been highly sought after since it launched the main network. No matter the activity of the community or the whole network’s computing power, it is in a relatively hot state, with the appearance of a dark horse. Under the attention of many parties, the third-party Dapp developed based on the public chain of ETX (Ethereumx · NET) will also be officially launched. At the beginning of the launch, the AWA will perform a new round airdrop, so don't miss it!

Some people will say that blockchain is not a new technology, it’s been 20 years. But they ignored that the outbreak of a technology should be in a certain objective environment. Players who have experienced market fluctuations usually have a sharper eye when facing new choices. ETX (ethereumx · net) was born in the fluctuating market, and as a new digital currency accepted and concerned by many players, it must have a different appreciation attribute. There is no doubt that ETX (EthereumX. Net), which aims to create higher value is a good choice for everyone.

The safety and efficiency of cryptocurrency is the key. ETX (EthereumX· NET) has opened up new ideas in the market, its the future will be bright. (there are risks in the market and investment should be cautious. Please do as your capability permits.)