ETX public chain will land in 5 more exchanges!

In a long time, there has been a rule in the cryptocurrency market: only virtual currency with security and high efficiency will be chased by players. Looking back at Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many other old-fashioned currencies, we can easily find that they all have their own advantages, but no matter how many their own characteristics are, they will inevitably have the transaction security performance brought by the underlying technology. And a smoother trading experience brought about by technical optimization.
As a brand-new cryptocurrency, the ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain has attracted the attention of many players at the beginning of the mainnet launch, and the community has been active. Among them, in addition to the recognition of some old players, there are also many new players. Admission. No matter from the technical level, or from the perspective of community activity, the ETX (EthereumX.NET) public chain is a digital currency worth looking forward to and paying attention to.
The ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain system is aimed at industrial pain points. Based on the blockchain public chain technology, it provides innovative solutions for enterprises and application developers. It can build and develop system applications to serve the real economy. It is consistent with national policies in terms of combining industry, talent training, system open source, and industrial blockchain incubation accelerators, etc., so that related teams can use public chain systems more conveniently and at lower cost, and can freely choose modular application software platforms. ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain is committed to building a public chain ecology, supporting the industry's on-chain needs through talents, funds, and communities.
According to the latest news from the ETX (EthereumX · NET) community team, the ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain will be listed on 5 exchanges on May 9, 2020. This is the second time that ETX (EthereumX.NET) public chain will be listed on VinDAX. The next big move, this also means that ETX (EthereumX.NET) public chain has entered a period of rapid development. At the same time, the exchanges on the ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain are some highly authoritative exchanges that are worthy of everyone's trust.
ETX will be listed on these 5 exchanges this time: FUBT exchange, QBTC exchange, EXX exchange, BiBull exchange and ZT exchange. The following is a brief introduction for everyone about these five exchanges.
FUBT Exchange: Hong Kong FUBT International Station, dedicated to creating the world's leading international one-stop trading service for blockchain assets. FUBT always advocates rational investment, adheres to forward-looking layout, international expansion, and market-oriented operation, takes the exploration and promotion of the value of high-quality digital assets as the guide, and strengthens the integration of technology, capital, and industry to promote the transformation of blockchain technology applications. Closely relying on professional technical operation and international financial advisory team, in-depth service to global digital asset developers and users, and comprehensively build a new industrial system with integrity and fairness, compliance and efficiency, and advancing with the times.
QBTC Exchange: QBTC is the Q network we often say. QBTC provides a variety of digital currency trading services such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., and is a safe and reliable international station for digital currencies. QBTC uses multiple security protection technologies to create a financial-grade international station, providing digital currency enthusiasts with safe, high-quality, and fast transaction channels.
EXX Exchange: EXX is a world-renowned international platform for blockchain assets, providing blockchain asset trading services to global users, covering digital asset spot and derivatives trading and other fields. The EXX platform has been awarded by Korean investment agency S & H Global Co. Ltd. (referred to as SHG) wholly-owned acquisition.
BiBull Exchange: BiBull is a trading platform. Headquartered in Malaysia. The core members of BiBull come from experts in financial industries in different countries and fields such as Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. "Extreme service" is the value concept of BiBull. It provides in-depth services for the project party and accompanies the project party to thrive; it provides users with services of top assets, allowing users to easily select top assets in BiBull.
ZT Exchange: a platform that provides the highest quality digital asset trading services for users worldwide; it provides the safest and most reliable high-quality digital asset trading and derivatives services for millions of users in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. ZT Exchange has more than 100 security and bank-level risk control measures, a matching efficiency of 130,000 per second, convenient and fast OTC service, and it can provide you with a five-star trading experience in seconds. Taking "Users as the core, making transactions more convenient" as its mission, adhering to the service concept of "Users First", it is committed to providing safe, professional, honest and high-quality digital asset financial services to users worldwide.
Note: The above exchanges are ranked in no particular order.
The five exchanges that ETX (EthereumX · NET) public chain negotiated for launch this time are very powerful, both in terms of strength and from the perspective of the user group. Through this cooperation, it is expected that both parties can get further development.
If we stayed in place or moved like a snail when the huge waves swept in,, we will be greeted with only broken bones. The market changes rapidly, and the only way to save ourselves is capture the opportunity. (The market is risky, investment needs to be cautious, please do as your capability permits.)