Listing plan and Whitelist

Regarding the large number of exchanges and the serious homogeneity of spot exchanges, many of them may or are suffering from the tight funding or insufficient security protection which leads to accounts theft.

In order to protect the security of the assets of many ETX holders, the development team decided to suspend all listing plans after discussion. The whitelist for opening the listing before September 2020 is as follows. If your exchange is not in the following whitelist, please do not contact Ethereumx · NET for the time. After September 2020, ETX Team will discuss the listing plan again.

Please keep in mind that even if ETX will be listed on the following exchanges in the future, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of all exchange assets in the whitelist, it’s just they have been established for a relatively long time and their operations are relatively stable.

Whitelist Exchange: ----

Lbank ---- lbank. com


Please always protect your assets, regardless of whether you own ETX (Ethereumx · NET) , Please make sure to withdraw coin / token to a trusted wallet after the transaction is completed!


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