DPoS introduction

ETX Community partners, we are pleased to announce that DPoS has passed Phase 2 testing, and we will proceed to Phase 3 testing. The current tentative DPoS plan is as follows:

1. Types of DPOS nodes:

1.1 9 super nodes: It is required to mortgage 100,000 ETX, and lock the position during the period of becoming a community management node. If it is impeached, it will unlock

1.2 10 cooperative nodes: the official gift of 100,000 ETX will be permanently locked, and the income generated will belong to the partner. Types of partners: media, exchanges, investment institutions, and experienced developers can apply for the DPoS nodes

Media requirements: well-known media, with an average daily IP of ≥10,000, and no less than 4 ETX-related reports per week

Exchange requirements: Exchanges in whitelist, and list ETX for free

Investment institutions: Node holdings greater than 100,000 ETX

Experienced developers: Developers with ETH related development experience are the best, and can guarantee one ETX on-chain applications per month, including but not limited to various applications such as DeFi, games, gambling, predictions, oracles

Note: The above ten cooperative nodes need to send an email to [email protected] to apply. We will get in touch with you after the foundation passes the preliminary review

1.3 80 general DPoS nodes: the top 80 holders of positions are calculated based on the position ranking as general DPoS nodes, and participate in community management after the node is established, without community voting (nodes can choose to participate in 9 super nodes if they hold more than 100,000 ETX)

2. DPoS node income:

2.1 9 super nodes: a single node obtains 0.7% of the mining output of the entire network, totaling 6.3%

2.2 10 cooperative nodes: a single node obtains 0.5% of the mining output of the entire network, totaling 5%

2.3 80 general ranking nodes: a single node obtains 0.35% of the entire network mining output, totaling 28%

2.4 The remaining 0.7% is temporarily allocated to the airdrop address

3. How to withdraw or cancel the DPoS node:

3.1 9 super nodes can withdraw at any time, and the nodes will automatically become invalid after withdrawal, the accepted vote will also return the same way

3.2 When the 10 cooperative nodes fail to fulfill the relevant obligations, the foundation has the right to cancel the node and transfer it to another candidate partner; if the partner unilaterally wants to cancel the cooperation, the node can send an email to [email protected]

3.3 General DPoS nodes are automatically cancelled when the mortgage does not meet the ranking requirements

* The above data and framework are designed as preliminary plans, and there is still a room for adjustments, not as a final decision. Thanks for your understanding and support